Content Marketing in 2017

Content Marketing Tips 2017

There are many components to content marketing, and with technology constantly evolving it can be difficult for any business to keep up with the latest marketing trends. However, at Skillman Video Group, we are here to help break down the main parts of content marketing so you can worry less about staying on trend and spend more time focusing on your business.

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Many businesses who are not use to social media platforms and the new wave of marketing may find content marketing to be somewhat off-putting. So you may be asking yourself, “Why Content Marketing?” The answer is simple: engagement. Content marketing is about establishing a relationship with your customer before they walk into your store. It’s about creating a relationship with the customer with personalized content that is unique so they feel a connection to your business and will pick you over the competition. When it comes to marketing though, it is best to have both written and visual content. It isn’t enough to have just a blog on your business and how great it is, people want to see your business. Again, this draws back to connections. Written content goes hand in hand with video marketing, which is where our professional video production company comes in. Video marketing has become the leader for content marketing; yet, the main techniques for blogs and articles also apply to video.

How to Plan your Video Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the driving force behind content marketing. Customers are no longer going to newspapers and the phone directory to look up businesses. The internet is where all the information lies, which is why being the top search result is incredibly important. SEO is the use of keywords, linking, tags, and engaging content to boost your search rankings.

  • Keywords: The use of words in a blog or article that customers are searching to find your store.
  • Engaging content: The use of video or blogs with informative and interesting topics that will keep the customer interested and on your website longer.
  • Linking: The technique of linking keywords to other blogs on the same keyword subject
  • Tags, Alt Tags, Tile, Description: The technique of including keywords so Google is able to recognize those words exist in your blog or video. This will lead to higher search rankings.

Developing a Video Marketing Strategy

When It comes to content marketing, a customer wants to feel a connection to you. Creating a trustworthy relationship is just as important as having high search results. If your business is looking for stronger content marketing techniques contact SVG today.  Our professional video marketing and video production team will work with you to develop a marketing campaign that is fit to your business’s message. To see some of our client video marketing examples click here: SVG portfolio.

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