Actions to Optimize Your Videos for SEO

Standing Out Amongst the Cats

YouTube MarketingYouTube, the land of videos where cats eat decidedly non-catfood, Hotline Bling Parodies, and thousands of videos designed for online video marketing campaigns. Sometimes, videos that fall under this last category are swept under the rug by YouTube’s search tool, which prioritizes videos that follow a few, easily implemented guidelines. Let’s check out a few quick actions that you can take to score as many views as possible without cutting footage of a cat eating cake into your new video marketing campaign.

As a video marketing company, Skillman Video Group always takes these extra steps to ensure our client’s videos are easily found through YouTube’s internal search.

1) Add Closed Captions to Your Video

For starters, closed captioning your videos makes the content accessible to people who are hard of hearing. Second, adding closed captions to your video is a common strategy employed by video marketing companies to make videos that are easily searchable. Yes, typing out a transcript may be a little tedious, and by that I mean it’s put on your favorite album while you unfocus your eyes level of tedious, but its worthwhile from the stand points of universal accessibility and tagging relevant keywords to your video content.

2) Use a Keyword in Your Title, so Long as it Makes Sense!

Say that you own a business that sells men’s shaving accessories, and you’re uploading a video to promote your new line of razors designed for moisturizing sensitive skin. Your video will do better with a title like “New Men’s Razors for Sensitive Skin,” as opposed to “Buy Men’s Razors.” Yes, both incorporate a relevant keyword, in this case men’s razors, but the first specifies the product, which increases the likelihood of converting a view into a purchase. Also, don’t just jam a ton of keywords into your title with the goal of catching as many search terms as possible. Google hates that. Google will penalize you for this seemingly clever tactic.

3) Think about Thumbnails

Has this ever happened to you? You scroll through YouTube, and you see a video with a title that makes you sort of interested. Then, you look at the thumbnail, only to think the video looks sloppy, or irrelevant to your search. This happens all the time. Images are vitally important to how audiences perceive your video, and will help them decide whether or not to give your video content the time of day.

These three quick tips should help your business secure a few more views on your next YouTube video marketing campaign. For a truly comprehensive marketing plan, give us a call. We’re the Video Marketing Company that can guarantee results.

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