Corporate Video Production Company

We’ve talked about why Boston is a great city for video production in general, but when it comes to corporate video, there are more reasons to consider the city than you would think. Here are just a few reasons why we love being a corporate video production company in Boston:

Hub City

Boston has a central location that tethers all the major cities of the northeastern United States. From Philadelphia to New York, the entire region is easily accessible for business, and at the focal point of it all is the greater Boston area. This centrality also applies to international commerce, as the city overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Many international conglomerates use Boston as a launching base to break into the American market.

Maine Video Production

SVG team in Maine

Companies from other cities or areas often hire SVG. Our team travels out to these locations ready to offer quality video production services just like they would in Boston, so our reputation extends outside of the great Massachusetts area. We frequently travel across the river for clients in Cambridge, or work for clients up in Maine like law firms.

Historic City

Renowned for its significance in early American history, Boston is a city of deep patriotic pride and historic sites. From Fenway Park to the Freedom Trail, there are plenty of great opportunities to make a corporate video with a Boston flavor. For example, to illustrate the family-orientation of your employees, you could have a videographer follow you around at a ballgame, showing off fun personalities outside of the office. A video that shows genuine and organic employee bonding is quintessential for Boston corporate video.

Remember a few key elements for a corporate video:

  • Understand the objective
  • Illustrate the appropriate personality of the company
  • Choose the most appropriate marketing outlets

Our Prime Location

We are stationed in the famous Faneuil Hall marketplace, and we couldn’t have a better place to work. The area is filled with lively energy, packed crowds, a variety of businesses and numerous opportunities to foster relationships with clients. The area is also accessible via multiple MBTA lines, so we are easily approachable and reachable to discuss plans face-to-face.

Skillman Videography Group LLC specializes in video production Boston. Call us anytime at 1-800-784-0140.