How can a testimonial video help you?

As we stated in earlier posts testimonial videos are a great way to market your products,  services or live event to potential customers.  Video is simple, powerful tool to build trust and rapport with viewers before they pick up the phone to call!  What a better way to communicate how good you are then  to have your audience see AND hear why you are so good from your previous (happy) clients.

Networked Events recently used Skillman Video Group to produce a series of testimonial videos for their web page and e-mail marketing campaign.  The videos were both posted to their web site as well as incorporated in their monthly e-newsletters.  The participants were all asked the same three questions and there answers were later edited and compressed for the web.  Simple “talking head” or interview style videos are extremely cost effective yet powerful in their delivery.  Here is an example of a testimonial video we produced for Networked Events in November 2009.  It was shot at the Liberty Hotel (in Alibi) in downtown Boston.

A simple “hot shoe” light was mounted to the top of the camera (similar to what you might see used by a news crew) and attached to a battery pack  to help boost the image .  “Hot shoe” lights are are fantastic for live events because they are extremely portable and don’t need to be attached to a electrical outlet (which frees the camera person to roam around if needed).  Incorporating light is very important in professional video production because it allows the camera to record a high quality image….even in dark settings (such as a restaurant or bar).  Another important component to professional video production (of all kinds) is the audio.  What good is a testimonial video if the audio is muffled, garbled or too low to be useful?  By attaching a professional wireless microphone to the speaker, we were able to record high quality audio despite the fact that we were in a crowded, noisy room.

Utilizing such professional production equipment is what allows Skillman Video Group to produce high quality videos regardless of the environment we find ourselves in while shooting.  As we have stated many times it is very important to look and sound your best in any marketing endeavor your pursue and customer testimonials are no exception.  Contact us today to see how we can produce professional testimonial videos for your web site