How to Increase YouTube Views


First Things First

Before you even begin to worry about increasing YouTube views, you have to focus on the actual content.  You have to know your target demographic, otherwise, the whole endeavor will be a shot in the dark.  You must also be sure to put in 100% effort.  Your passion (or lack of passion) will show and make an impression on your viewers.  All of this, in the end, will come back around and help in gaining a larger audience.  If you maintain a consistent level of quality and effort, people will take notice.  That makes all the difference.

Tips for Increasing YouTube Views

Here are some simple steps to take if you are looking to increase your YouTube views:

  • Use a thumbnail that attractively represents your video.
  • Give your video an appealing title that is both accurate and relevant; make use of keywords.
  • Make sure your description is economical yet thorough, includes the URL to your website and/or blog, and uses a keyword phrase.
  • The running time has to be appropriate for the subject; don’t let it be too long or too short.
  • Use tags wisely; find out what people are looking for
  • Use annotations for external links and subscriptions, but don’t overdo it.
  • At the end, voice some sort of call to action, asking the viewer to like or share the video or to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

After the Video

Production has wrapped and you’ve taken the proper steps in publishing your video on YouTube… now what?  You can’t stop there.  You must promote your video through your website and/or blog.  Share your video through social media channels to network and reach an audience.  If viewers reach out, be sure to communicate with them.  It’s important to engage with your audience.  Skillman Video Group is a Boston area video production company that knows the importance of video content, online marketing, and video marketing.  From the beginning, we work with our clients to ensure that we can develop a concept that is both appropriate and clear.  We see the concept through to content creation, working together to build a confident voice, one that is aware of the proper steps to take once your marketing video is out there.

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