Make ‘Em Laugh: “Old Timey Marketing”

(September 15, 2011) This summer on our blog, I have written about marketing videos that use entertainment alongside information to market a company or organization.

You can read about two of my favorites: Inspiration Studios and YouTube Show and Tell. I wanted to show how to use entertaining marketing videos to attract potential customers, B2B clients, job candidates, donors, and so on.

To demonstrate how this approach might work for your company, Skillman Video Group made a 2-minute marketing video:

The idea was to create something cinematic and entertaining while advertising our social media and marketing services to a target audience, namely organizations and companies that lack modern interactive marketing campaigns.

The project was out of the scope of our usual documentary-style marketing videos, which usually employ a single camera angle, b-roll, graphics, and interviews.

Our new videomercial utilizes actors, set design, location shooting, wardrobe, cinematography, and multiple camera angles to tell a story. It takes careful consideration of our brand and tone and balances everything with the available resources.

This is a new type of service Skillman Video Group wants to offer to certain clients who would benefit from a more lighthearted, mass-appeal approach. We’d love to collaborate with clients to produce more videos in this style.

This kind of entertaining video casts a wide net and attracts a large audience.

That audience then visits the company’s website for more in-depth content and marketing videos geared at turning visitors into clients.

Your social media campaign (blog, Twitter, email, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) would spread the video to both your current and potential clients.

See how all the pieces fit together? That’s why SVG offers those complete, interlocking marketing services.

Imagine you are a law firm looking for young, ambitious, future associates. You could really distinguish your firm from all the others with a short, entertaining, well-shot videomercial.

Your competitors would look dull by comparison, and you would see immediate ROI with more job applications.