Measuring the Influence of Web Video on Internet Marketing

The rising popularity of internet video is evidence in itself that it is a successful and cost-effective marketing strategy, but how can a business actually measure the influence of a web video on sales or inquiries resulting from increased web traffic?  As part of Skillman Video Group’s Social Video Marketing service, they specifically position your video to provide feedback on the video’s performance – actual statistics that can prove the effectiveness of your investment.

One of the most basic ways to determine the success of a internet video is to measure the amount of visitors to the site both before and after the inclusion of the video.  A webpage with a video may influence the amount of time a visitor actually spends on the website, which will potentially lead to more visitors purchasing the product or service.  These two statistics are also measured to analyze the influence that the video has on the website, and any conclusions draw can be used to further optimize video placement.

As one of the principle goals of Social Video Marketing (SVM) is increasing traffic to the website, Skillman Video Group also monitors the amount of traffic a video is driving to the site.  Video content is becoming increasingly more visible in search engine results, and by utilizing optimized encoding and relevant keywords more potential clients will reach your website.  Contact Skillman Video Group today to learn how SVM can work for you!