New Years Resolution for Your Business

(January 12, 2012) – It’s a new year, and it’s the time when everyone’s thoughts turn to the dreaded New Year’s resolutions. Now that the ball has dropped and we’ve sung a round of Auld Lang Syne, it’s time to focus on how to improve over the next 12 months.  SVG has some suggestions for internet marketing resolutions that will enhance your online appearance and increase traffic to your site, benefiting your business.

Get a Google+ Account:  In 2011, Google+ joined the ranks of Facebook and Twitter as a leading social media site. As we’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of benefits to being involved with Google+.  This latest member of the social media family created by the search engine Google is quickly becoming an amazing platform for finding customers and keeping clients informed. It is now open to the public, so setting up an account is easy.

Become involved in Video Marketing: Video marketing is a great way to enhance your online appearance. By combining interesting and engaging content with the efforts of search optimization, social media, and strategic linking, you can drive more customers to your site and increase their interest in your company.  A marketing video delivers information in a way that is easy to follow and more captivating than text, and it allows you to show off the best qualities of your company in a unique and professional way. If you haven’t considered video marketing, 2012 is the time to start.

Update your website design: If your website design is a few years old, it may be time to update.  The internet is a fast-moving technology, and a site that hasn’t been updated or redesigned in a while can look antiquated very quickly. Even if you like the format of your site, consider adding a blog, or ensuring none of your information is outdated.  The goal of the website for your company is to bring in new business and keep current customers up-to-date, and if the design of your website is stopping this, it’s time for an upgrade.

Make the most of SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important elements of online marketing. If customers can’t find you through search engines, then all social media, video marketing, and website design won’t help. Learn more about SEO and what Skillman Video can do to help you enhance your company’s appearance in search engines.

New Year’s resolutions can be daunting, but the benefits of these few tips will substantially help your online business, and SVG has the knowledge and experience to help you succeed in 2012.