Why is a Marketing Video Important?

Effective Internet Marketing for businesses of all sizes (small or large) in today’s economy requires taking advertising out of the so called “box” and creating something truly effective that can produce results. The new and unique attracts attention and using video advertising on the web effectively can truly help your business or organization stand out from your competition. Marketing your product or service on the web requires the same strategic and creative thinking as marketing in all of the other arenas of advertising and quality is appreciated by your audience. No matter what platform your marketing video is playing from, your business needs to look and sound good. On-line marketing and advertising videos are a simple, cost effective way (about 1/2 the cost of traditional media outlets) for businesses to attract new customers to their business, website or email advertising campaign. They do not require a large budget and the video specialists at Skillman Video Group will put the finished video in a high quality format that can be distributed all over the web easily and at little cost to our clients. What can your business do with a marketing video on the web?

1. Video can bring your business to life in ways that simple text or even still photos on your web site can not. Your business happens in real time and on-line video is a very dynamic and interactive medium for reaching new and existing clients. Your viewers will have the opportunity to see AND hear why your product/service is so different and why they need you more than your competitors!!!

2. We all know that it is important to keep customers coming back, and sometimes they need a little nudge to do so. Marketing videos can easily and effectively be incorporated into an e-mail marketing strategy as they are fun, non-threatening and can deliver any kind of message desired. Offering a new service or product? What a great way to communicate that to your existing client base! Skillman Video Group can help our clients create a series of video press releases that advertise and market to your exist clients on an ongoing basis!

3. Social Media Marketing is one of the hottest markets for advertising on the internet today, and it is important to grab the interest of prospective customers through this new and growing medium. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, are all video friendly AND they are also completely FREE to use. Skillman Video Group can set up accounts and post videos for our clients on all the major social networking sites.

4. Videos are also extremely effective at increasing rankings on all the major search engines. Skillman Video Group through our partnership with QLegal has developed several key strategies to harnessing the power of social media sites, key words and tags to fully optimize our marketing videos to get the highest return on investment for our clients.

The award-winning Producers and Internet Marketing specialists at Skillman Video Group can a) produce a high-quality marketing video that promotes your brand and also entertains your viewers b) can post your marketing video to your business’s web site (home page) or create a special landing page built around your video c) can design and implement an e-mail marketing campaign around your video and d) set up accounts for our clients on all the major social networking sites to post your video and increase your rankings on all major search engines. So what are you waiting for? Contact Skillman Video Group today to see what we can do for you!!!

Yamaha Corporation of America

Yamaha Corporation of America hired Skillman Video Group (SVG) to produce a corporate marketing video for their Yamaha Music Education System. This video has been used in over 50 Yamaha music schools across the country. The producers at SVG collaborated in writing the script, shooting, directing voice over talent and editing the final video.