Pre-Production for a Shoot

Best Video Production companiesPre-Production Strategy

Formulating and organizing a shoot for your own project can be stressful. However, there are some things you need to do that will make the process much easier. While creating a project myself, these are some things I learned along the way while interning for Skillman Video Group.

Securing the Talent

Make sure to always select talent, if this is what your project desires, who you know will be accountable on shoot day. Professionals, or even people who you know will act professional are necessary. Selecting actors who you suspect will not take your shoot seriously is a mistake, as they might not have their lines memorized or they will show up late and ruin your shoot schedule.

Making a Schedule

Creating a shoot schedule is extremely important. Knowing when everyone is needed on set, how long they’re needed, and essentially the daily schedule for a video production shoot is necessary if you are planning a shoot. This way, it will keep you as well as everyone else who is going to be on set as organized as possible, so you can make the shoot go by as efficiently as possible.

Top Boston video production companiesVideo Production Equipment

When planning for a shoot, knowing what equipment you may or may not need is vital. You should plan out ahead of time exactly what you will be needing on set to avoid any mishaps. For example, if you pdo not bring enough SD cards, everyone would have to wait around for you to go buy more, and you will have messed up the schedule and inconvenienced the rest of the crew. So make sure you have all the equipment you will be needing to avoid unfortunate mistakes on production day.

Have a Good Attitude!

During a shoot day, it is important to not stress too much. Once you start to let the nerves get to you, you are more likely to forget important details either during pre-production or during the actual shoot itself. So have a good attitude, be confident, and try to enjoy the process. Although it is important to stay professional, there is nothing wrong with being positive throughout the process.

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