QR Code and Video Marketing

Try it yourself!

Try it yourself!

Chances are you have seen one of those odd, square-shaped, black-and-white designs on a billboard or in a magazine, and thought to yourself, “What is that thing?” These designs are called QR (quick response) codes, and function much like a traditional barcode. QR codes are used for myriad purposes: to direct people to a URL, to display text, to show a Google Maps location, or even to join a Wi-Fi network. This technology has huge implications for video marketing, since it allows people to watch videos anytime and anywhere, right on their mobile devices. They are extremely simple to use – all one needs is a camera-equipped smartphone with an application for reading QR code (which are available for all major mobile platforms).

QR code can be used in a wide variety of ways – on business cards, on resumes, in store windows, on posters, in print and mail advertisements, etc. Businesses can use the codes to offer customers special incentives and discounts, or to instantly display video testimonials from satisfied customers. Customers like them because they are fun and interactive. Another benefit of this digital technology is the ability for businesses to monitor their ROI in real time. QR code has even begun to show up on resumes, with job applicants trying to stand out from the crowd by including instant access to their online portfolio or self-promoting video.

One of the most exciting aspects of QR code is its immediacy. While a URL linking to a personal blog or video could be included on a business card, the receiver of the card will likely wait until he or she is in front of a computer before they check it out. Even if he or she does own an Internet-capable smartphone, manually typing URLs on these devices can be tedious. With a QR code, customers will be able to watch a video or view a website immediately on their smartphone, with no hassle. As smartphones become even more ubiquitous in the coming years, and as marketers invent new and exciting ways to utilize this technology, expect the use of QR code to increase in kind. We believe that QR code, in conjunction with a solid video marketing strategy, will prove an excellent way to foster customer interaction, create buzz around interesting products and services, and bolster sales. Contact Skillman Video Group today to find out how you can use QR codes as part of your marketing strategy!