Understanding Content Marketing

What is SEO and Content Marketing?

The average consumer is exposed to over 2,000 advertisements every day. These ads range from print ads, television commercials, promotional emails and even pop-up ads on social media sites. This bombardment of marketing content is leaving  consumers feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of marketing messages that they are subject to in their daily life. How can modern businesses advertise without contributing to this spam goliath? Content marketing is the answer.

What is a Content Strategy?

At Skillman Video Group, we are very familiar with content marketing and have developed many successful strategies to market our company through various forms of online content including videos, blog posts and web pages. Content marketing is special because it works to attract and create a relationship with clients by keeping them engaged with the company. It may seem like a lot of extra work to always be creating new content that is equally as engaging and fresh, but the Boston video marketing scene is highly competitive, and every post counts!

SEO Content Marketing Strategy

The best way to get viewers and potential clients to visit your website is to create numerous hyperlinks back to your homepage and other pages within your website. Place these hyperlinks in all of your web content, this means that there should be links in the description of videos, within blog posts, in tweets and in Facebook statuses. Everyone on our Boston video marketing team agrees that it should be very easy for clients to find your website, so including links will only make it easier for them to reach your website.

How to Develop a Content Strategy

Why do you need a content marketing strategy? Traditional direct marketing techniques can be ineffective, expensive and ultimately unproductive for any growing Boston video production company. Content marketing is different because it is more accessible for the clients. For example, when SVG produces a blog post it will attract an audience not because it is an advertisement but because it is informative, entertaining and attractive content. This blog post will also be filled with keywords and links to different pages within the SVG website and at the end it will also provide all of the necessary information to get in contact with us. The beauty of the blog post is that it has a longer lifespan than a direct marketing email or a Facebook ad. The individual blog post lives on our blog and because of the keywords and links, it will keep appearing in our clients’ Google search results. Over time each blog post will continue to be read by our growing audience who will continue to click the links and reach our website.

Content Strategy Plan

If you do choose to incorporate content marketing strategies into your digital marketing plan, it is important to remember to always be generating new content. Always be testing out new keywords and search teams so that you can figure out which ones are effective and which ones aren’t. A good rule of thumb for your professional video production company is to release at least one blog post a week, and at least three social media outreaches (including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin) per week.If you are producing a consistent flow of content, you will most likely begin to see an increasing amount of views and interactions with your content.

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