Skillman Video Group’s Video of the Week: Allstate Corporation

Welcome to Skillman Video Group’s Video of the Week. In this installation, we will be looking at a commercial from the insurance company Allstate Corporation. This commercial is not flashy or particularly unique but succeeds nonetheless. Through the story line, talent, story line and motto the advertisement creates a relationship with the viewer.

The video teaches the viewer about the company and connects the company’s story with that of the viewer. Sharing the history of the company makes Allstate seem reliable: it has succeeded over many years through the hard times. Learning about the company also gives it a face, establishing a relationship with the viewer.  Allstate becomes a personal. More importantly, this person shares the viewer’s struggles; Allstate too has waded through difficult economic periods. Allstate reaches out to its audience.

The narrator, Dennis Haysbert, underscores the importance of talent in video marketing. He performs with not against the theme of the video. His methodical voice and calming presence lend a reassuring air to the video. Proper casting is essential. It helps you reach the audience you want to find. Haysbert is fatherly and familiar, thus aiding the commercial in targeting a family-oriented audience. The audio and visuals work together to narrow in on this audience. The narration also seems to focus on family life and values. Small children are guided on a tour that serves as both a history of recessions and of Allstate. The kids are a signal to viewers that Allstate understands their needs. Allstate produces an exemplary advertisement here.

There is a large difference between finding your audience and connecting with them. The latter leads to customers. A combination of trust, credibility, story and video marketing is a proven way to build relationships with customers. Contact Skillman Video Group today to begin producing your own marketing video!