The Rise of Twitter Video Marketing

(October 15, 2016) – Video is becoming one of the most important and effective marketing tools for modern businesses. Each day, people consume hours of video content provided by platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

Billions of videos are posted, viewed, and shared, and content is spread across the globe every day. Boston YouTube accounts must stay up-to-date. Recently, the microblogging social media site, Twitter has been moving towards more video content, which is beneficial for Skillman Video Group, as well as other Boston video production companies.


Twitter & Video Marketing

Since the start of 2016, the number of video tweets has increased 50%. The length of videos on twitter has also increased, users can now post videos up to 140 seconds long.

Twitter did not begin as a video sharing platform, but the recent rise in online video content has influenced the website to move towards more a more video-friendly structure. 82% of Twitter users watch video content through Twitter, and 90% on mobile.

This rise in video content is good for Boston Video Marketing because consumers are streaming so much video everyday. According to a study conducted by Twitter, users are more likely to scroll and discover video content rather than search for it like they would on Youtube. 41% of users believe that the best way to find good video content is to scroll through their live Twitter feed.

Twitter released a breakdown of these findings:

Twitter’s move towards video is encouraging users to create and share more of their own content. In terms of video production services, more video content is always a good thing. Video is more engaging than text and images and it is a more effective digital marketing strategy.

One of the most powerful features of Twitter is the ability to “live tweet” events. Video production companies in Boston can use this to keep users up-to-date to the latest news by following trending hashtags and popular accounts to stay informed on topics ranging from politics, sports to celebrity news.

When video is added into the “live stream” equation, it becomes much more powerful. Users feel more connected with brands that use live stream because they get a real-time view of what the brand is doing.

For a Boston videographer, this is a good thing. Live streaming is a growing trend and has heavily contributed to the short-form video explosion on social media. 

Twitter is already making the move towards more video content and if “live streaming” continues to thrive, it is possible that Twitter will add live streaming capabilities.