Boosting Boston Businesses Through Online Videos

Successful businesses in Boston contend with an extremely competitive environment. Competition begets more competition, which makes connecting with new clients and consumers evermore challenging. Successful companies share a common strategy. Successful companies market themselves with awesome marketing campaigns that excite, motivate, and directly connect to consumers.

Your path successful video marketing begins with Skillman Video Group. Skillman video group begins with online video.

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Moving into a new town forces people to adapt to a new environment. Remember the new kid at school, or the new, cute teacher in town? Maybe that last one just happened to me…

But the point remains valid! New Boston based businesses must fight to separate themselves from new competitors. Adaptation makes markets better for everyone, and currently adaption means reconsidering the importance of online video marketing.

You can use online video to redevelop, amplify, or market your brand in new, exciting ways. Case and point, Skillman Video Group’s growth since we began in 2005. Christina Skillman founded our company from an apartment in Somerville, and we’ve grown to become one of the most respected, valued Boston based marketing and video companies in the Northeast. This company has grown through video, and business has been great since video moved online.

Youtube Video MarketingWe’ve been successful, and now it’s time for your business to achieve a level of success that reflects all the blood, sweat and tears that you’ve poured into yours. We want to help your business succeed, and we know that online video is the path to get it there.

Video marketing makes a company’s mission, portfolio, and values apparent. Consumers trust transparent, honest businesses, and there’s no better way to reflect your company’s values than through video. All effective writers follow a golden rule of sorts, “show don’t tell.” Meaning, you can say you’re honest all you’d like, but you’re not honest until you tell the truth. Okay, literally the phrase means be descriptive as opposed to prescriptive, but I hope you get the point.

Show don’t tell. You can literally show potential clients and customers your business through video! In traditional marketing, or text-based social media marketing, you communicate through telling. Show don’t tell.

Skillman Video Group exists to help your business show its value. 

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