The Trouble With Social Media

We can move you from the blue into the orange.

We can move you from the blue into the orange.

I could start by talking about why you need to embrace Social Media at your business, but someone else already did that here. If you already do, good for you; call us for a video sometime. If not, it’s probably because you think you don’t have the time.

Is it really that hard to do social media?

If you look at lists like this and don’t know where to start (or stop), it can be. As your company expands its social media web to more sites it can be difficult to maintain all of them. Luckily most websites offer automatic integration. With integration one Tweet or blog post or video is reposted automatically to all your accounts. One click will update five websites.

Even better, though, is to figure out which sites best suit your company rather than try to use every one. Are you a non-profit?  Perhaps Kickstarter will connect you to other fundraisers, donors, and young idealists. Want to reach the college crowd? Try Facebook. If you are an artist you could use tumblr to host your daily portfolio additions. Want to converse with celebrities and try to get them to endorse you (good luck)? Try Twitter. Is your company involved in current events, news, and the law? You could you could host relevant articles and columns with your commentary on LinkedIn is practically a requirement for B2B organizations looking to find new clients and partners.

The trick to making social media easy is finding your audience on the web and setting aside a little time for conversations with them. You can do as little or as much as you’d like, but you need to do something. Soon. This is what we do everyday at SVG: help companies and organizations communicate.

It can’t be harder than this, right?