Social Media and SEO

Social media permeates our lives in so many respects, whether we want it to or not. Look around any busy street in any major city (or any small town for that matter) and you’ll see people on their smart phones or on their computers, typing away on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any number of social media platforms. Our virtual identities are inexplicably tied to our preferences and our personalities. To ignore that from a marketing stand point is to ignore a huge pool of potential.

One of the key strengths in incorporating search engine optimization into your social media presence is the amount of exposure and output any social media site allows for. Most sites encourage content that is short and sweet – perfect for folding in key terms or phrases. Additionally, much like personal social media pages, businesses and organizations can and should update and add additional content on an extremely rapid basis.

Overlapping posts in Facebook, for example, allow for a strong SEO presence. You might spend a week focusing on a single key word, and then expand that a bit further into a phrase or a series of keywords.  Couple that with content spread across a variety of platforms (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), and you or your company are well on your way to developing a strong online identity with effective search engine optimization.