The Uses of Live Event Videography

At Skillman Video Group, live event videography has advanced to a whole new level. We have professionally filmed a number of events for a wide range of clients, from Boston University School of Law to Springboard Enterprises. These various institutions and companies have used our live event videography services for a bevy of reasons, some of which may aid you when considering why live event video could benefit your company.

In the past, Boston University School of Law has hired Skillman Video Group to film a lecture series. The video was posted on their website. The school desired such a video so that those who were unable to attend could later view the lecture or for those who wished to re-visit a one-time event.

Springboard Enterprises used Skillman Video Group videography for similar reasons. Earlier this month the organization hosted a dinner and a discussion panel the following day. At the dinner, Besty Myers, former COO of President Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign, and others spoke. The discussion panel brought together members of the organization as they talked about their past, present and future. Not all invited guests could attend; a live event video ensured that all members could remain involved and be kept up to date. Furthermore, Springboard wished to capture these events partially for marketing purposes. In the future, the organization can use these videos to market events or the organization itself.

Boston Video Producer, Christina Skillman, setting up the camera for a live event

Boston Video Producer, Christina Skillman, setting up the camera for a live event

Later this week, Skillman Video Group will once again be working with the Yamaha School of Boston to produce a video of their year-end concert. In the past, this live event video has been edited by Skillman Video Group then used by Yamaha to market the school, in addition to being distributed to parents.

Live event videography helps serve many needs. Whether you wish to use an event for marketing, flaunt a prominent speaker, keep employees and members informed or more, live event videography can be the right business decision for your company or organization. Contact Skillman Video Group for more information.