Trends in Marketing Today

Marketing online is changing fast. Everyday there is a new company trying out different methods and techniques to inspire customers to buy into their marketing campaign. What could possibly be trending now? With so many video production services, magazines, photos, blogs, and other content based marketing, how does a business know what is working right now? Well there are a few crucial parts of the marketing world that are changing the way businesses are interacting with their customers.

Apps are shaping the marketing spectrum. Not only is an app for a mobile device, it now functions with desktops, television, and websites. These apps can provide a whole new level of email marketing, social media marketing, promotions, advertising, and increasing the customer experience. A company could even hire a corporate video production company to stream content regularly for clients. For marketers in 2016, creating an app can be one of the best things to do for a campaign.


Favorite video blog postsInteractive content is a way to keep a possible consumer engaged and have a successful marketing campaign. This type of content includes blog posts, videos, reports, and info graphics. The more engaging a platform can be the more likelihood someone will be interested to learn what is being marketed. This is just a simple way to have a successful sales process. Companies like Skillman Video Group who focus on being a video marketing company know the true potential that a film can have for clients in need of enhanced marketing.


Social media awareness is something that marketers need to beVideo marketing aware of since there are so many platforms and so much content available. The main trend that needs to be focused on is keeping all social media content very direct and in the moment. This can enable further involvement from the clients and consumers making the marketing process friendlier on both sides of the spectrum. It is a way to humanize the practice of marketing and really making an effort to care what the public has to say.

These trending forms of marketing are crucial to have a successful campaign in 2016. Though technology and media are constantly changing, it is important to bring back that personal touch to marketing campaigns letting all the customers know that this company or product is ready to improve their life. Surely their will be new trends for marketers too look into, but as of right now these three movements for businesses are clearly demonstrated as being effective and beneficial.

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