Video SEO and YouTube Marketing

YouTube_Homepage_Dec_7_2012Video can be utilized in many ways. It can be pure entertainment. It can be a specific advertisement, or, when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), it can be a tool. Here at Skillman Video Group, we understand the inner workings of SEO and can better help you or your company to get the attention you want.

Videos are different than other forms of media. They can contain, among other things, dialogue, interviews, music, voice-overs, narrations, moving images and stationary images. With that in mind, searching for content in a video is not as simple as searching for the written word. With text, search engines can more easily recognize a match. Video, on the other hand, has many moving parts. There are certain strategies, however, that can be used to assist a search for a video. One such strategy is transcription. By transcribing your video, the once unsearchable dialogue is now searchable. In addition, the video becomes more accessible to a wider audience because a transcription of the video permits captions to be added. The video can be enjoyed without the need for sound. This transcription function can be found on YouTube videos.  In fact, YouTube can generate the text.  It is important, however, that the text is reviewed for inaccuracies.  Overall, It is a way of marketing the videos that will allow the potential audience to find the video more easily and will also appeal to a larger audience.

Another key component for YouTube Marketing is the title of the video and the description of the video.  Remember YouTube is owned by Google so whatever content you post can and will be pulled in searches.  Thus, it is extremely important you carefully and strategically choose the title of your video and the right key words for the description.  In the case of YouTube marketing, even the smallest details – such as including a link or call to action in the 1st two sentences – can make a huge difference in ROI.  The Boston video producers at Skillman Video Group are skilled at not just producing great, story driven video, but video that can help drive traffic and increase sales.  They can analyze data, create reports and develop content around your target audience.

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