What is RankBrain?

blog construction set upWhat is RankBrain?

RankBrain is the new algorithm from Google that measures how users interact with search results/ content. RankBrain will now take into account the Dwell Time on a page and the CTR (Percentage of people who click on your result). If your audience spends a long duration of time on your page, you will get a higher rank. However, if your dwell time is low, your ranking will decrease. In other words, RankBrain will now closely look at how Google users interact with your site.

What is Dwell Time?

RankBrain is very much based around Dwell Time.

Dwell Time = how long a person spends on your page before leaving. The average Dwell Time for the top 10 Google results is 3:10 minutes. This meaning, in order to be on the first page for Google results, you must have informative content, graphics, images, and/or videos.

Organic Click Through Rate (CTR)

RankBrain takes a high CTR score into consideration. Some pages may rank higher than others based on the pages CTR. In other words, if your page doesn’t get any clicks, it will rank lower.

How to Boost CTR

Why boost CTR? Because of RankBrain ( Higher CTR = Higher Rankings)

Since 2015, it was found that CTR was down 37%. This is due Google’s use of Answer Boxes, Ads, Carousel’s, and “People also ask” sections. Instead of people looking at the top organic results, their eye goes straight to these sections.

How to get into Answer Boxes

Using H3’s, Titles, and / or Description boxes with:

  • Answer box questions
  • Related Google Searches
  • SEM Rush related phrases/keywords
  • Latent Semantic Keywords (LSI): Synonyms and closely related words that are in bold on a google search result. You can also use the LSI Graph online.
  • Google Keyword Planner

Also, use keywords and phrases throughout the content and be sure to link.

How to Create Successful Content

Always fill out the:

  • Title tags
  • URL: Keep it short, concise, and informative
  • Image ALT Tags
  • Description tags
  • H1 Tags
  • H3 Tags


In order to win in content and rankings, RankBrain doesn’t just look at pages loaded with keywords and links, but focused content that covers the entire topic. The more informative the content, the longer people will stay on your page; and thus, raising the Dwell Time. Also, in depth content does rank higher.

Content must be at least 2,000 words. Long form blogs out rank shorter articles.

Mobile Friendly is the Future

Google is now going to consider the mobile version of your website the “real” version. Seeing that more people use Google on mobile, it only makes sense that sites will become mobile friendly. Also, if a site is not mobile friendly, the searcher will lose patience and will click back, which results in losing CTR and Dwell Time.

A study found that 60% of Google searches were done on mobile. RankBrain will now rank mobile friendly pages higher. Nonetheless, continue to make content consistent for both desktop and mobile.Boston video marketing strategies

Best Mobile Friendly Practices:

  • Do not hide content on a page with a “drop down” or “read more” button. Not only will this content be ignored by RankBrain, but by the audience member, for it is not mobile friendly.
  • Show 100% of the content on your desktop and on mobile.
  • Switch over to a responsive design. You are able to test to see which pages on your site are mobile friendly by using the “Mobile Friendly Test Tool”

If your site is not mobile friendly, the google user will leave your page. RankBrain will recognize this ,and if a pattern continues, your site/page will rank lower.

If you Don’t use Video, you NEED to

In a report by Cisco, it was found that online video will account for 80% of all online traffic by 2021. Additionally, more people are spending time on YouTube than watching Primetime TV. More people want video, and more people are searching for answers to their burning questions using YouTube. Whether it is a How-To, inspiration, product review, or questions, it is clear people like visuals. As people skip Google and search on YouTube, it is apparent that there is a market that needs to be captured. At this time, businesses have not taken advantage of YouTube, and if they are, they aren’t optimizing the video properly.

Top Video Marketing Tips

It is a fact that the more you create SEO optimized YouTube videos, the more space you will own on Google searches. Videos and content with videos tend to rank higher. When your video is optimized using the same SEO practices as your content, Google indexes that and will rank the video/content higher. In addition, content with video will increase the Dwell Time on a page.

How to get Quality Backlinks

More people are taking advantage of video marketing. However, unique video content gains better rankings, and if it is good enough, it will be shared or embedded; and thus, providing your site with backlinks.

Adding Graphics, Pictures, and Videos to Content = Higher Dwell Time

Custom videos, graphics, and pictures that are optimized go a long way, especially if that image content is embedded in someone else’s website. Linking within your own page is important and helps your SEO. Nonetheless, receiving backlinks from other companies or people will also help improve your Google search.

Important Facts to Consider

  • Google is incorporating YouTube results into Google image search results
  • Embedding videos into your content can increase Dwell Time
  • 37% of marketers said that visual marketing was the most important part of content for their business.
  • Creating unique graphics and images can lead to embedding= backlinks to site

Types of Backlinks

Backlinks can be created through:

  • Embedding Videos
  • Embedding visual content such as pictures and graphics
  • Podcasts or radio references
  • Social media shares
  • Comments
  • A stat or survey study (people love to share numbers and percentages)
  • Comments on your site/ creating an active community (This is not directly a backlink, but RankBrain likes to see that you are creating a community around your content. In other words, people are interested and they are creating dialogue and an active community).

Voice Searching…Is it important?

Answer: It is!


  • 40% of adults use the voice search at least once a day
  • Voice Searches are up 35X in the past 10 years
  • 20% of searches performed on a phone are done their voice search

In order to be involved with the market, you must use the same methods used to show up in answer boxes. The most important optimization for voice searches is to ask questions that Google can Index.

Here are the 3 steps to follow to become a result for a voice search:

  1. Create informative content that ranks on the first page of a search.
  2. Use phrases and information that can appear in Featured Snippets
  3. Include questions and answers in the first paragraph of your content.
  4. Use questions in your tile, description, and H3.
  5. Make sure the answer is in the first paragraph but sets up for more information about the topic so the user will read on.

How to Succeed in Search Rankings

  • Optimize content to show up in Answer Boxes and Featured Snippets
  • Embed Videos, pictures, and graphics
  • Use unique images and videos to higher the Dwell Time
  • Create Mobile Friendly Pages
  • Find ways to encourage others to embed/share the content, videos, graphics, or pictures you have created.
  • Provide more informative information using short sentences using Bucket Brigades to keep the user on the page for longer.

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