SVG streams Webcast during Live Event

SVG was hired by a Nashville producer to partake in the production of a live stream starring several famous country singers and songwriters.
This multi-cam shoot was set up just a few hours before the event, and provided full-HD coverage to thousands via Live-video export simultaneously. Working with the SVG team means one thing: efficiency. We went in with a traveling studio setup composed of three cameras, high end sound equipment, lighting setups (in this case Diva Lights, for maximum portability), and Multi-Cam editing mixers.

The most efficient and impressive part of the ordeal-made-easy was how the team merged entirely with the equipment already available in the locale. Sound mixing was fed directly from the microphones of the singers to the equipment that now two teams, our video team and the locale’s sound team were now taking advantage of.

Our team’s traveling studio also included state-of-the-art interview equipment and lavalier microphones, all in addition to the professional equipment that we provided for the capturing of event. We recorded the event in a maximum of 1080i 60FPS to have the highest quality video possible and fed it online in HD 720p to control file size and ensure that streaming went smoothly.

Unsurprisingly, our client was very pleased with the high level of efficiency and execution that our group provides, as promised. As a client of SVG, communication is kept open and at a constant, no matter where you are. Yes, we are a Boston-based company, but thanks to the power of our business and of the business model, our limitations are few. The possibilities know no bounds.


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