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Selecting The Best Boston Video Production Company and Boston Video Producer for Your Corporate Video Project

Questions about Professional Videography | Choosing a video producer who understands your vision for the video is key to the ultimate success of a video marketing project!

It’s important to remember that behind every successful corporate marketing video, there is a good partnership between the video producer and client.  Synergy between the video producer, client, crew, talent and post-production staff is essential.

From day one, it is important that the client articulates their goal and vision for the video production.  During the pre-production phase of the project, the Video Producers at Skillman Video Group will meet with the clients to discuss, dissect and perfect this vision. This discussion will ensure the goal and vision is applied to the visual medium.

Some questions we may ask during the discovery process are: What is the ultimate message of the video?  What are we trying to sell, educate or inform people about?  What does your company do that your competitors do not?  What is the ultimate goal of the video? Is your video to motivate people to take action immediately or to educate them about a cause or event?

Once the general content and direction of the video has been worked out, we discuss the overall style and presentation of the video. Establishing your target audience is key to a successful corporate video marketing project. Are they business owners or lawyers? Are they mothers of small children or families?

Take the time to understand your audience and their needs. This will ensure a successful marketing video. Extensive thought and a custom strategy to engage your audience should go into each and every step of producing your video.

Whether you are going for the “flip cam self-produced” look or “super slick and polished” (or anywhere in between) it is important to have a well planned and thought out strategy.

The video Producers at Skillman Video Group will work with you to create a video that will best work for you, AND your audience.  Our understanding of the role web video plays within your overall marketing strategy ensures the highest return on investment and the best results for our clients.

Strengthening Your Strategy

Not only will our Video Producers help you outline and produce your video, they will also walk you through how you can improve your online video content strategy.

In what context does your video belong? Where should you host it? It is best to connect your online video presence to your entire portfolio – video can only add to your content and help garner more interest to suit your needs.

Your videos need proper presentation on the web as well as being great content in and of themselves. You must ensure that the titles and descriptions best match your goals, this will not only make your intentions clear, it will help boost your search results and viewer outreach, as your video will me more likely to show up in results for your target audience.

This will also strengthen the rest of your online presence, as video will prompt users to search for more information, especially if you include a call to action such as signing up for more information or offers, or even a link to your website or services/products page. Making your videos a cohesive part of your whole online strategy starts and ends here.

Selecting a Video Producer with Fresh Ideas & who can complete the video project on time and on budget!

After the guidelines for the video project have been finalized, the video producer will walk the client through the entire production process so they will know what to expect, and when. Making a professional video production is not as easy as it looks, and to do it well takes a great deal of time, skill and experience. It is also important that realistic expectations be set for all parties involved, depending on the time or budgetary restraints of the project.

Having a clear understanding of a client’s expectations before the contract is signed, allow both parties to plan and budget accordingly. Having a detailed production timeline… and keeping to it… is also essential to the ultimate success of a video project. Working out the details of a video project before the crews arrive to start shooting is essential to getting a project done on time and on budget!

The video producer and client should discuss how to prepare for the shoot (what needs to be done, etc.) and who will take part and what is required from both parties to complete the project.  It’s important at this point for the video producer to discuss any potential problems (or to play “devil’s advocate”) with the project so all solution and possible obstacles can be overcome (as much as possible) before production starts.

Your video project is a collaborative effort and succeeds when both sets of ideas (from both the Producer and the client) are working together. Let’s get to work!

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