3 Takeaways from RankBrain

What is RankBrain Algorithm?

Google’s new algorithm RankBrain may have you concerned about the future state of your website.

Luckily, Skillman Video Group is here to  break down the top 3 takeaways.

1. Content should be written to entertain, inform, and to keep the reader on the page longer. 

Top video production companyOne thing to keep in mind when writing content is, “Would I want to read this?” If you don’t even want to read back through your content to make corrections why would anyone want to read it in the first place? Content can no longer be written just for SEO purposes. RankBrain is now taking dwell time into consideration. The longer the time spent on a page, the higher the page will rank in a Google search results. So write your content in a way that will keep your reader on the page.

2. Answer Boxes and Description Boxes are Goals. 

H3’s are your new best friend.

If you thought that putting in a generic title above every new paragraph was ok, it isn’t. Each new paragraph header should be H3.

How does Google Search Algorithm Work?

In addition, these H3’s should contain questions from Google answer or description boxes, Google related searches, or SEM Rush related keywords/phrases. (Click here to learn more about related keywords and phrases).

Why is it important to have these types of H3’s? Because this is what people are searching. Rank Brain will index that you have content related to these questions or phrases and will rank you hire in a search result. Some websites may find that they will receive their own answer or description box.

3. Create Mobile Friendly Pages

Mobile use is quickly becoming the most popular form for viewing web pages and content. With that said, if your website is not mobile friendly, rank brain will be deducting you on that.

How to Use RankBrain

What is RankBrainIn general, one of the biggest components to RankBrain, as stated above, is dwell time. How many people are going to want to try and navigate through a website on their phone that isn’t formatted correctly? People want their information quickly, and will lose patience with content on web pages that has them scrolling, opening tabs, and zooming in and out to try and read the text.

An easy way to check to see if your content is mobile friendly is by using this website: “Mobile Friendly Test Tool”

Overall, RankBrain isn’t going to hurt websites that are dedicated to creating intriguing and informative content. It is important to keep your audience in mind, and if you are creating a web page or content just to do it, you aren’t going to find your website ranking any better.

Here are some final thoughts on RankBrain:

  • Add content to your website that will increase dwell time such as pictures and videos.
  • Your style of writing should be easy too follow and entertain the reader
  • Mobile friendly is the future so don’t avoid it
  • Optimize your content with effective H3’s.

To learn more about RankBrain, click here: Google RankBrain

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