A Boston Video Company Lists Pre-Production Requisites

tips and advice on video marketingMany companies utilize videos for a variety of purposes including marketing and sales, training and consumer education. But apart from their versatility, using this format offers several other benefits.

Many experts deem videos as one of the most persuasive content platforms because they can engage both the visual and auditory senses. Apart from that, videos elicit an emotional response from viewers by showing non-verbal cues. When used effectively, these can also help cultivate consumer trust and your brand’s credibility. These can also be used both offline and online. Used online, videos can boost consumer engagement and even aid in increasing search engine ranking.

Whatever may be your purpose in using a video, there are a few pre-production requisites that you need to tick off your to-do list. Here’s a rundown of these, as listed by a reputable Boston video company.

The first pre-production task that needs to be done is determining the purpose of the video. Here, you must determine exactly what the goals that need to be achieved are and what important information you need to show your viewers. Remember, an effective video has four key characteristics:it has a clear purpose it is concise; it divides the key message into easily digestible parts; and it complements other materials you currently have on hand.

Next, you should be aware of who your target viewer is. Will your corporate training video be viewed by middle managers or will it be used primarily for new hires? Are you targeting internal or external audiences? Internal audiences include your staff, management and stakeholders. External audiences include your customers, the media and the general public.

It is also worthwhile to know beforehand the appropriate video format for your particular purpose in making a video. Vodcasts or video cast refer to a series of videos about a specific topic. If your intent is to deliver quick information about a product, service or even your company, you should opt for a video that is playable in a Web browser. Live streaming is used primarily for broadcasting events. If you need to utilize the video to detail longer content, the best option to take is to use a DVD format.

If your organization does not have the right personnel with the expertise and experience in video production, it is worthwhile to enlist the aid of a reputable video company in making your video. Working hand in hand with you, this company can help you develop and better utilize the end product to meet your specific goal, from concept to content.

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