Boston Video Marketing Ideas

(July 13, 2016) – To be a prominent member of the Boston video company and Boston YouTube scene, Skillman Video Group stays in tune with the monthly ebb and flow of Boston culture. Thanks to the lively spirit of its residents, the city has a variety of events and occurrences, all of which provide great opportunities for clients to stand out from the rest.

Here are a few highlights:


Graduation Video Production

The city is overwhelmed with visitors in May, and most of these visitors are parents of college students about to graduate. Boston video production companies like SVG are essential for archiving these life-long memories, but this doesn’t mean multiple clients can’t capitalize on the influx of people. Uber did a clever discount for familes visiting town to see the ceremonies. There was a special code for each major college and university across the city, allowing Uber to fully take advantage of the temporary population boost.


  • The Lawn on D area by the Waterfront district hosts weekly film screenings during the summer. From Rom-Coms to animated films, flocks of people gather from across the city to sit back on the grass and relax. Brand representatives can attend these screenings and pass out flyers or business cards.
  • Independence Day in Boston is historically significant, so Boston video production on this day can be amplified due to cultural relevance. However, if not a video, a client can also sponsor the popular Boston Pops Orchestra concert that happens every July 4th at the Shell amphitheater.


  • Live Event VideographyDue to its popularity, Oktoberfest may be overstuffed with sponsors, but that doesn’t mean the beer festival is lacking opportunity. Perhaps partnering with the actual breweries and beer companies themselves will create a chance for promotion, squeezing in brand awareness at a booth or such.
  • Of coucourse,lloween makes it on this list, because it is the perfect opportunity to show employees having fun inside or outside the context of work. If inside the office, take a break and let a costume contest run its course. Theoretically, one could go around scaring people for the sake of “brand awareness,” but this may be the one holiday where “getting in the spirit” backfires.


November signals the start of warm family gatherings and candid pictures. It also marks an uptick in city-wide support for community service. The Thanksgiving holiday motivates many regular citizens to contribute to food drives, which presents an excellent opportunity for a PR boost. Company employees can wear t-shirts with logos and slogans as they work the food drives, constantly reminding people that a certain brand is giving back to its community. This is also great for Boston YouTube marketing, because feel-good public service videos are viral candy.