How to Combine Posts to help Ranking.

How to Conquer Google’s New Algorithm

Our site focuses on creating blog posts that bring you more information about video production Boston and marketing techniques. Throughout the years of blogging, our company works to keep our audience updated about all the video production and marketing facts. With so much changing each year in technology and the video production services, some old articles may not have the current information. Normally, you would just start a new article and add the year to the end of the title. Instead of creating multiple posts blog construction set upwith the same information, work on combining similar ideas to make one longer post. Different video production companies Boston may have similar posts, so we make sure our posts give up-to-date information.

Google Ranking and Posting

Google does not like multiples of the same posts. If you have more than one blog with the same topic line or information, Google will rank it lower. Google is looking for long posts that have high quality information. The ranking system does not want to see multiple posts about the same thing. It is easy to go back through and take an old post and rework it to add the new found information and facts. We have gone through and revised some of our past posts about video production Boston to add new information. Video production services have changed throughout the years, but instead of starting a new post, we are going through and adding to old ones. Using these tips we want to help you consolidate your posts and be ranked higher by Google Algorithm. 

Tips To Rank Higher on Google

  1. Group together posts that have the same topic or subject line
  2. Create a timeline in your posts to show the progress through the years
  3. Add new information to old posts
  4. Re-share old posts with the new information

combining post video production bostonRefresh Ideas

Working to combine your similar posts or adding new information to old ones, is a great way to get your work consolidated. Each year we create a new list of the best video Production companies in Boston, but we now work on revising the original to save time and posts. It may be confusing for someone to read multiple articles on the same topic, so adding them together would be a big help for your audience and Google. It is important to stay on top of your postings and keep your audience updated. Try going through your posts and looking at what you can put together or add new information to. This is a good technique to keep everything up-to-date and the facts true. Our video production company in Boston works hard to give all the updated information to our audience. 

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