How to Make an Interesting Interview with Video Production Services

How to Make More Interesting Videos

There are many different types of video production services. In the business world, many top corporate video ideas revolve around interviews. Interviews can give the viewers a lot of information, but if they aren’t done right, can be a little boring. It is important to make sure your interviews are more interesting by focusing on thow to make interesting videoshe little things to catch the viewer’s attention. There are many small things you can do to make your interviews interesting. Here are three of the best ways to keep the viewer’s watching..

1. Get Creative with the Background 

The location of your interview should be somewhere that has a good background. The worst thing you can do is set your interviewee up in front of a plain white wall. Use different things around the room to fill up the blank walls. Posters and picture frames are a good source to help fill up the screen. The props you choose must also be related to the subject of the interview. Light is also a good source to break up the background. Either through the sunlight of the windows of your location or setting up three point lighting. If you have more than one interviewee make sure to switch up the background as well. Use a different side of the room and different props to change the background. Changing the background will make the interview more interesting. When you switch interviewees, change the angle they are facing the camera. You want the viewer to seem like they are seeing different places while in the same room. The background is an important focus point for interviews, you have to make sure it is intriguing.

2. Have a Conversational Tone

If this is the first time in front of a camera for an interviewee they might be very nervous. It is good to start with warm up questions to get them more comfortable. The best questions to ask are about the interviewee. Try to get to know them a little bit before going into the harder questions. This will make them feel more comfortable talking to you, and won’t be tempted to look around during the actual interview. Some interviews can seem boring if the questions that are asked are cut and dry. Aim for more intriguing questions. The interviewer is usually never heard in the video so it is important for the interviewee to try interesting video ideasand restate the question within their answer. This helps the viewer follow along better. A conversational tone throughout the interview is more interesting and appealing to the viewers.

3. Shoot B-roll Footage

 An interview video can seem dull if the whole thing is just people talking. That is why you want to add B-roll throughout the video to help break up the talking. Shoot footage of scenes that relate to the material in the interview. You can add these shots throughout the video with the voice still rolling from the interview scene. It is important to have B-roll because it allows the viewer to change focus from a person speaking to more movement. It is very easy to get creative with your B-roll. There might not be a lot to shoot wherever you are filming, so try to grab a few people and plan out scenes. An important thing is to make it not look too staged. Also make sure to spread out your B-roll. You can lose the viewers attention if you put too much in certain places and not enough in others. Before finalizing the video make sure to check that the B-roll fits with what is being heard.

There are many ways to make an interview interesting. The main key is to get creative. Our Boston Video Production Company likes to take the time to add all of these three steps to our interview videos. We aim to make videos that intrigue the viewers. These are small things that some people might overlook, but they are very important to creating an interesting interview.

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