Is Twitter Looking To Develop More Video Content?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram are just a few social media platforms that have provided many marketing opportunities for businesses and individuals. Capitalizing on this form of marketing may seem easy but there is an art to mastering the Internet. Video marketing companies are hired to help business with this task of creating an effect campaign on social media, but the platforms vary and have specific strengths.

Twitter has been around for a while now and it has really taken off. It is a platform where companies can build meaningful relationships and connections engaging with their audience. This can in turn lead to loyal customers for your business across a huge network. There are some interesting statistics about twitter that businesses need to recognize: 66% of people have discovered a new small or medium-sized business on twitter and 69% purchased from that business because of something they saw of Twitter.


But why is Twitter as a social media site so beneficial for companies to market on? People like to see quick and effective marketing posts whether it is words, hashtags, or picture content. Video is something that is being capitalized on Twitter and becoming increasingly central to the real-time conversations. You can now post up to 140 seconds of video, which can be plenty of time to market for any company of business. Twitter has increased by over 50% since the beginning of 2016. This means that marketers and video production services need to really pay attention to this platform and start working with it in ways that haven’t been accessed before. Developing Twitter videos as a platform to create more corporate video ideas and material to strengthen a campaign is essential for social media content. Twitter can engage and grow with their audiences through this medium and video content is the way to produce on the go insight for the consumer market.

At Skillman Video Group, we strive to understand what trends are taking place in the market now and assistance businesses in making video content that will benefit all aspects of their campaign. As a professional boston production company, our services will not only be of the best quality but also the most effective for the market.

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