Knowing Your Goals

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As we’ve mentioned before, creativity for video production has to be inspired by an original goal. Figuring out what this goal will be is vital for every client, and while a Boston video company can definitely help to accomplish said goal, the client needs to do a little soul searching themselves. Goals for a video can be split up into the basic pillars of informing, entertaining, and persuading, but when it comes to business goals and objectives, the goals become very specific. Here a few common goals that we’ve run across from our extensive history of great clients.

How to Plan your Video Marketing Goals

There is nothing wrong with giving attention to one over the other, but it is important to distinguish these two types of goals, because they call for different types of videos and different work from a Boston video production company. Is the ultimate goal to unveil a new product line? If so, the short term goal can just be to inform the general public about the product and its capabilities, while the long term goal can be to establish the product as the premium item in its category. The short term application to video could be a straightforward tutorial about the product, while long term application could be a video series with a consistent brand message about quality.

How to Plan your Video Marketing Strategy

When a client wants to expand business opportunities, attract more customers, increase revenue, etc., there are several approaches to take.

  • You have to show why your product or service is the best. What makes you different from the competition? Is it quality over quantity?
  • Perhaps you put that extra ounce of customer care that makes all the difference. Social media feedback and responsiveness have proven to be very effective at building consumer loyalty. Spotify has been great at rewarding active users with coupons, random prizes, tickets, etc., and as a result, their market share has only continued to expand even with their music streaming rivals trying to fight back.

Marketing Video Styles

This goal is the most challenging because if it doesn’t go well, there will be mixed brand messages out in the public that may get confusing if the new brand position doesn’t take off as needed. This is what Microsoft tried to do a few years back for the XBOX gaming console when it unveiled it’s motion senor Kinect system, but this plan quickly fell apart when the market didn’t respond well to the Kinect-integrated bundle packages. There have been a few recent successes:

  • Old Spice made themselves relevant again when they launched a series of hilarious and bizarre commercials with handsome men delivering ridiculous monologues.
  • Under Armour became a powerhouse over the past year from a new marketing campaign that aimed at female consumers. They didn’t want to be known as the gym rat brand for men, but rather, as a brand that supported the constant grind of the underdog. This new brand message integrated upcoming athletes (instead of established champions) and practical sports gear for women.

Video Storytelling Ideas

While this goal can be combined with the reinvention goal, telling the story of a company can work regardless of brand message changes. For this goal, a big requirement is candor and the willingness to acknowledge mistakes. Honda did a great job of telling the story of its company from its origins to its modern day iteration. What started as a family man’s motorcycle shop in Japan would blossom into an international conglomerate that builds technology for cars, airplanes, rockets, and more.

  • As a quick note, this goal can be simplified to apply to a video, rather than the entire video marketing campaign. A specific commercial can tell the story of a potential consumer having a problem, finding the product/service, and thus having their problem solved, just as an example.
  • Videos that tell a story are also great for YouTube marketing because they tend to be the type of corporate videos that go viral, which is of course ideal. This is what happened in the Honda example, and it has happened for many other companies that used a similar approach.

What is Video Storytelling?

This applies more to the corporate video world, but it is important nonetheless. There can be very different purposes for this goal, one of which being to simply show off how awesome your company is and how great your employees are doing. This is a great way to boost staff morale, but it’s not the only application of the goal. An internal message can also translate to an instructional video for new corporate policies. This often stems from the PR or HR departments, especially during times of change or transition like a CEO removal.

Knowing your goals is essential to starting the process for a successful video marketing campaign. While a video production company can help to figure out this goal, it is important that the client spends a lot of time on their own figuring out this information. Skillman Video Group provides the whole package, helping the client execute the concept from the ground up. This entails creative brainstorming meetings, marketing consultation services, and industry standard production equipment.