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Video marketing has become one of the most effective methods of brand recognition for businesses trying to market a service or product. Visual advertisement has become part of everyday life, and platforms such as Facebook Live, Snapchat, and YouTube are prime examples of effective and creative media consumption. Networking is a tactic that can be done by any businesses, or any individual looking to establish partnerships with a variety of people in their field. This can lead to working together on various projects in the future, establishing a business to business relationship, or simply gaining recognition in the industry. Due to its popularity as the second largest search engine, YouTube has become a competitive environment for businesses to advertise through. By partnering with several influencers on the platform, companies such as Blue Apron and FabFitFun are able to visually showcase their products while finding a new fan base in young adults.

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While every strategy should be different, there are a few vital steps to forming an effective video marketing campaign. They include:

Video Marketing Goals

A business should identify realistic objectives in order to engage and persuade customers. For the audience to have a pertinent experience that motivates them to keep coming back, the video should target certain demographics, while also answering a central question about the brand, or touching upon the core values of the company.

Video Marketing Tips

According to an article published in AdWeek, the average YouTube video is 2 minutes and 54 seconds. In order for the viewer to receive important information or a potential “call to action” at the end of the video, it is necessary to keep it relatively short. The best ways to ensure this are to have them scripted. This is the chance for a company to exhibit its creativity, as an original campaign will have a better chance of resonating with viewers.

What does is mean to Optimize a Video?

YouTube gives channels the opportunity to add links to other videos or websites, which drives traffic and increases site visitation. Embedding links establishes a network for the company’s social media platforms, which betters the chance for a customer to see every facet of its marketing strategy. However, it is important to keep in mind that annotations and links should be used in moderation so that they do not distract from the central message that is being portrayed in the video. SEO is another important strategy, and can be done for both Google and YouTube. Optimizing content is a reliable way to create links between pages, which controls what the viewer is able to see, and what the company wants them to click on next.

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How do I network?

Instead of uploading to YouTube and sharing the link via several platforms, a company should upload the video to each platform. This is mainly due to each network displaying and optimizing video content differently. By executing this step, the video will play correctly on the platform, and gives audiences direct access to the content.

Video Marketing Strategy

The video market is constantly changing, which requires a business to constantly shift its strategy in order to remain relevant in the market. By using Analytics software, and by collecting data from every social media platform, a company can monitor its successes and failures, increasing the ability to gauge what strategies are most effective, making future campaigns just as effective.

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