Producing Boston Educational Videos

Educational VideoWhen hearing the word “education” we usually think of studying, tests, papers, lectures, deadlines, writing, and the list goes on; but rarely do we think of the word video. We are constantly trying to evolve and improve the way we learn and receive information, so why not make video apart of that criteria? Educational videos benefits are endless, whether it is to increase awareness or providing comprehensive information about a topic, or showcasing a foundation.

Skillman Video Group has produced numerous educational videos; two in particular were for Hebrew at the Center, and the Ducere’s Foundation. Though each was for educational purposes, both were significantly different in regards to set-up and topics.

Hebrew at the Center

Educational Video

The three camera set-up.

The Hebrew at the Center was shot as a lecture series in Hebrew. This educational video would be used to provide training and support to Hebrew instructors and synagogues across the nation. The purpose was not only to educate other Hebrew teachers on how to better instruct their students, but also to increase awareness and demonstrate HATC’s commitment to the Hebrew education. The video would be used in classrooms and online settings as well as a fundraising tool in hopes to continuously provide support to other Hebrew schools.

Ducere’s Foundation

Unlike the Hebrew at the center, the Ducere’s Foundation shot interviews for their educational video, which was used to showcase their foundation and drive more attention to their cause. The foundation is associated with Asian Global, as well as Asian University for Woman Support. Three separate interviews were conducted of the Ducere’s Foundation leaders. However, each leader had a different story in which they gave an in-depth look into their own work and how others can contribute.

Educational VideoAlthough each video was for different purposes and provided information in different forms, the intention is to educate and bring awareness to their causes. Going into 2016, SVG looks forward to continually produce Boston educational videos, but some may ask “Would an educational video be right for me?”

Why an Educational Video is The Right Choice

An educational video is more than just a videomercial, a testimonial, or a training video; it is a little bit of everything into one. An educational video has the flair and personality of a videomercial, the story and experience of a testimonial, and the comprehensive information of a training video. Whether you are a foundation, a center, a school, charity, or company, and educational video provides comprehensive information that can be used in classrooms, online settings, for meetings, or presentations. If you are looking to drive attention or more awareness to a topic or your place of work, an educational video allows you to do so.

Conveying Information

Visual aide is always a positive when it comes to learning. In today’s world, handing out a flyer to draw attention to a cause isn’t enough. People want their information fast, and they want to feel a connection to it. Educational videos can be done in an interview setting, as a lecture, or by going out into the field and showing the ins and outs of a school, foundation, or company. Anything is possible when it comes to delivering information. The greatest benefit of an educational video is its ability to be personable and draw in others attention through the use of a story or experience. By showing how passionate you are about something, it makes others want to get involved.

Appealing to The Audience

Educational videos can cover many different topics whether it be looking at a college campus and student dynamics, or showcasing a foundation. Information on a piece of paper can be dull and at times the feeling and passion you are trying to convey to your audience isn’t there. Video lets the audience see the story, the passion and the information.

Though an educational video has a little bit of every marketing video, the goal is the same for SVG: to produce a video that is shot to perfection. Like any marketing video, SVG looks to find the right location and to create the perfect lighting, audio, and camera angles. When it comes to the client, SVG wants to get your message across, and producing an educational video is no different.