SEO What? Utilizing Google’s Updates

30 - Day Google Search Engine Fluctuation

eCommerce Tweaks And Turbulent Weather

The internet has been abuzz recently with rumors of Google planning to either drastically change the way their search engine finds and delivers content to you. Some have even gone so far as to say that open-ended search is on it’s way out. It seems that these rumblings may be for naught, as Google has confirmed that their algorithms were merely them “continuing to make tweaks” and that there was “no specific ‘update’ to announce”. As searchmetrics reported, results of this tweak mostly seem to be in terms of correcting misspellt search terms and displaying the correct ones. It seems like a good step towards making sure the correct content is delivered to users, though obviously one that needs careful tweaking. There has also been a minor ranking exchange, with some smaller providers gaining on correct term searches and other bigger ones losing ground. So despite what people might see in the last 30 days on the Mozcast, there will be no SEOpacalypse to match Boston’s recent snowpocalypse.

New Tools for Your SEO Package

Google's new Search Impact toolInstead, what we do get are some exciting new tools coming up from Google that will allow companies to better analyze how their websites are performing and exactly what people are most drawn to when on their sites. Google has entirely redone its Webmaster Tools Search Queries report, and has rolled out an exclusive preview alpha build of what it is now calling it’s ‘‘Search Impact report’, which will allow webmasters to see the clicks, impressions, and CTR (click-through-rate) of every aspect of their website, and cross-reference those points with dates, queries, pages, countries, devices and also by search property (web, news, etc). In short, what this means is that not only is Google attempting to give content creators better tools to ascertain their customer’s desires, it is incentivizing the creation of better content through subtle manipulation of their algorithm.

These changes may not be huge, or even significant to the world of video right now, but they demonstrate a trend towards a better categorization of content through Google and, in the end, a more rewarding White Hat SEO process for both the consumer and the content creator.

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