What is Sponsored Video Content?

Sponsored Video Content

Staying on trend may not seem like an easy task, especially with social media sites constantly evolving, it can be difficult to keep up. You want to reach your audience, but you also must understand who your audience is and what they are using in terms of social media and technology to get their information. There is no doubt that Facebook and YouTube rule the video marketing world. With YouTube gaining more views during Primetime TV spots, it is clear to see that the internet and social media have become a norm. Nonetheless, what was once a millennial fab has moved up to the older generations.

What Does Sponsored Video Mean?

Facebook is now the easy tool to stay in touch with old friends, to let your feelings out, and to share EVERYTHING. Many advertisers and marketers have taken advantage of this easy to use tool to display video ads. However, as ads increased on social media, so did the tools to block ads. How did marketers and advertisers find a way around this? Through Sponsored Video Content.

What is the Difference Between Video Advertising and Sponsored Video Content?

What exactly is the difference between video advertising and sponsored video content? The answer is within the content. Video advertising or content advertising is content trying to convince the audience to choose them. The content is bias and usually provides a call to action. Sponsored video content is not biased, but is informative and positions the company as an expert. Sponsored content is more natural and usually displays a story that creates positive feelings without being thrown into the customers face. By creating a positive and subtle message, the customer is more likely to support the business.


Social Media Video Marketing

In general, brand videos have taken over Facebook and YouTube. In a recent study done by Tubular Insights, it was found that over the course of 15 months branded video content on Facebook increased 258% and 99% on YouTube. Thus, video content is working and not going anywhere.

Influencer Video Marketing

Facebook publishers, influencers, and brands are taking advantage of sponsored video content. Though some of it can be perceived as a loop hole to get around block ads, sponsored video content is proof that more people are looking for a connection. Whether it is a story and an informative video, a customer doesn’t want to be told what to do. Instead, they want to make the decision on their own.

YouTube Sponsored Content

Brands that feature entertainment, food, drink, people, and blogs generate the most views. In the course of a year, entertainment videos clocked in 1.6 billion views. Sports recorded 1 billion views, food and drink 733 million views, and people and blogs 28.5 million views. Though the list goes on, most brands will find themselves in a category that obtains over 20 million views a year.

Branded Content Facebook

The question now is, how can you incorporate sponsored video content into your marketing campaign? Start by thinking about your message and what you hate seeing in ads. Once developing a message and thinking about what would attract your audience, work with a professional video marketing company to bring your ideas to life. Bringing in a top production company like Skillman Video Group will allow you to spitball ideas and come up with the best marketing video that will generate the most views and traffic.

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