SVG’s Favorite Video Marketing and Video Production Blog Posts

Blogging is an important component of most video production companies, including Skillman Video Group. A blog lets clientele read about our experiences as a video production and video marketing company in Boston while also providing comprehensive information on production or marketing topics. Though we take pride in our blog at SVG, we are also fans of other video production and video marketing blogs. Below are two lists that include SVG’s favorite video production blogs and our favorite video marketing blogs.

Here’s a list of SVG’s favorite video production blog posts:

Our favorite video production writers provide a better look at what to avoid when producing a video for a company, and give us context for storytelling, creativity, and uniqueness. Writers such as Carla Marshall’s offer a look at how a video production company can be efficient with their work while also being prepared and professional. Marshall’s posts include insights into popular brand videos and what makes these production videos effective. At SVG we are constantly trying to improve and be the best at what we do. Rich content such as our favorite video production blog posts help us to constantly get better.

Here is a list of SVG’s favorite video marketing blogs:

As you can see, Skillman Video Group adores video marketing writers that discuss methods to improve a website’s content and Search Engine Optimization, increasing video marketing traffic, and reaching the targeted audience. Since video marketing is a constantly evolving market, which means that we need to stay up-to-date on trends and topics. Our favorite writers help us stay on the cutting edge. Bloggers

such as Greg Jarboe provide detailed insight on projected video marketing trends and the changes of video streaming sites like YouTube. Jarboe also discusses how to improve a video marketing campaign and how specific video ads gain attention. Jarb0e’s blogs have a wide range of video marketing content; which makes them SVG’s favorite video marketing blog posts.

Skillman Video Group’s favorite video marketing writers and favorite video production writers allow us to see what other professionals are saying, and to evolve alongside the latest trends. For us, our work is all about providing the best quality of video production and video marketing to our clients.

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