The Art of Screenwriting

TypewriterProfessional video production begins with screenwriting and the ability to tell a story. Even if a video or a commercial lasts less than a minute, it is still important to build a narrative as a way to bring your content to life. Screenwriting often focuses on the visual components of a story. The phrase, “Show not Tell” is the principle rule of screenwriting, finding a way to tell a story with images or nonverbal communication rather than more direct methods such as dialogue, voice over narration, or superimposed text. The art of screenwriting also demands a level of efficiency. Your story should be told as quickly as possible, both on the page and on the screen. Generic ScreenplayProfessional screenplays often get right to the heart of the matter, rather than bogging down the reader with unnecessary details or information that’s not relevant to the main story.

Screenwriting is a fundamental tool of professional video production. At Skillman Video Group, we know how to tell your story quickly and effectively. Give us a try today and see what a difference the professionals can make.

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