TwitVid = Twitter + Video

(October 10, 2011) – Twitter is cool, right? Celebrities, businesses, non-profits, and average Joe’s all use Twitter to spread their message 140 characters at a time. Web video is cool too. You can use it to advertise your products, ask for money, rant about politics, and show cute kittens.

What if you could combine the two? That would be internet coolness squared! Or would it?

TwitVid combines the two social media applications nicely. TwitVid has some interesting SEO tools, time saving integration features, mobile apps, and a general buzz.

TwitVid makes it easy to share videos with your followers and generate discussion amongst your friends, partners, clients, and customers. It has stuck around longer than most other Twitter video services and received a lot of capital investments. TwitVid has some impressive business and celebrity users and partners.

Building a service around Twitter seems a little opportunistic: take something popular and add video to it. That’s bound to be a success.

The trouble is that there are many other services doing the same thing, and it won’t be long until Twitter makes its own video service. Maybe that’s the founder’s plan: get bought by Twitter.

It also lacks Twitter’s original communication gimmick that made it so popular: restricting messages to 140 characters.

We’ve been sharing our videos and clients videos through links on Twitter for a few years without this added application.

You can post advertisements, marketing videos, video blogs, and all other business video tools to Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. and link them on Twitter. SVG embraces social media and marketing trends in our work every day, but TwitVid leaves us feeling a little underwhelmed.

With so many other social media options, you have to manage your outlets carefully. It may, however, be the greatest web video service of all time.