Video Conversion Point: What it is and how it works

At Skillman Video Group, we realize your desire to improve conversion rates from casual web visitors to viable business prospects through your web site. And, most importantly,  we know how to do it. Our approach to Internet marketing is two fold: 1st by drawing web surfers to your site through SEO and social media etc .  2nd We then help you develop enough engaging and informative content on your site to convert those visitors into leads for new business.  It’s what we call the “video conversion point”. A video conversion point is the place where surfers view a video of your business that works to convert them into customers.

Video has proven time and time again to be a powerful medium. Just last year, YouTube had roughly 1 billion daily hits; now they’re up to 2 billion. This fact alone shows how placing a video on your site could make it more enticing–people like video and continue to want more of it. More importantly, video harnesses the ability to condense a wide array of information about your business into a format which is much more accessible than navigating through a website.  The services of your company, examples of your work, testimonials etc could all be immediately shown in a video professionally produced by Skillman Video Group. These video conversion points are placed on your site based on where people will most easily view them. All people have to do is sit back and watch while the key points of your business are served directly to them.

Skillman Video Group is a proven example of the power of the video conversion point; since introducing more video to our website, along with other marketing techniques outlines in our recent case study, our search engine traffic and positions have spiked and we continue to increase lead generation through our site and signing new clients weekly. Video conversion point is just one piece of our newly offered Social Video Marketing, for more information about this service click on the link below!