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Skillman Video Group has been a leader in video production services for over 10 years. Some may assume we have a special ingredient that helps us produce the best marketing videos in Boston, but our techniques are anything but a secret. SVG video production services have everything to do with creating a trustworthy environment between our producer and clients. We keep our approach simple for our clients but it is our job to develop a video in which every element is perfected. The secret to being one of the best Boston video production services is we don’t settle for average, which is why the elements every video production services should offer to clients should revolved around creativity in pre-production, attentiveness in video production, and awareness in post-production.

What is Pre-Production?

At a young age most students were told to “Think outside of the box.” Probably one of the most frustrating phases for some but for others who strive to be creative and develop a video that is unique from all the rest, thinking outside of the box comes second nature. Being in the industry of video production services relies heavily on unique ideas and hooking the audience through visuals and emotions that are relatable. At SVG we strive to make every video different from the rest by asking ourselves:

  • Is the story relatable to the audience?
  • Is the story unique or similar to competitors?
  • What emotion does the client wish to promote?
  • What video style will most effectively promote the story and message?
  • Where should the video be shot to provide the most effective visuals?
  • (If the video is in an interview form) What questions should be asked that best distinguish the message and provide information to the audience?
  • (If the video is in a commercial form) Does the storylines provide a unique platform with driven emotions?

Although these are just a few of the many questions every video production service should be asking themselves, the main question revolves around creativity. This meaning, “Are the elements of the video unique and captivating?” However, every video style differs and so do the questions video production services must ask themselves. Nonetheless, the main goal is to take the clients ideas and message and turn it into a creative storyline video that will charm the audience.

Corporate Video Production Services

Once the elements of pre-production are distinguished, the next step is video production. It is one thing to know what emotions you wish to bring out of the interviewees or actors, but it is another to bring those creative elements to life. Attention to detail is the greatest quality any video production service can have. By noticing background sounds, specs on the floor, a stutter in an interview, or a lighting problem and making changes promotes a better video and makes the post-production editing process easier. Yet, attention to detail isn’t just noticing misplaced set pieces, it’s also noticing when the creative and emotional elements aren’t prominent.

Marketing Video Production Services

For instance, if interviews aren’t providing an emotional element then perhaps questions need to be changed, or the interviewer needs to dig deeper into a question. Also, if a setting isn’t working visually and is offsetting the rest of the sets, then look for a different area to film. Small changes can lead to a greater outcome. Every little detail effects the whole video, and thus by paying attention to elements that might not be working isn’t slowing the shoot down it’s making for a better result. With that said, make improvements quickly and stay on task with the schedule. As the producer, you should constantly be on your toes and prepared for situations similar to the examples described above.

What is Post-Production?

Post-production is the time where every element must come together. The editor’s job is similar to a writers for he or she must put the story together from beginning to end. Everything from interviews, to b-roll, and music must balance each other out. Video production services isn’t just developing an idea and filming, it involves critiques, drafts, and awareness.

Video Storytelling Techniques

Taking every shot from the video production shoot and organizing them into a story that flows and portrays the creative elements decided upon in pre-production takes work. Yet, editing done in post-production can be corrected and changed. For instance, if the client is sent the first draft of the video and doesn’t like one of the b-roll shots, nor the music added into the sequence, then those are easy changes. Also, if the client wishes to give the video more of a film noir look, then color corrector in the editing program can make that possible.

Overall, the point of post production is to be aware of everything from camera movement, to lighting, and sound. At times the editor may find themselves adding key frames to the audio to lower or hire the sound, or changing the RGB curve of the interview to better match the b-roll footage.

Every part of the video production process must be done with an open mind and attention to detail. Being one of the top video production services in Boston means SVG has to constantly compete to stay relevant and live up to its high expectations. There is no secret to our video production services; instead we understand the importance of communicating with the client and using our experience, attentiveness, and imagination to deliver them the best marketing video.