When should I script my video?

Boston video production agency, Skillman Video Group, presents the idea that deciding when to script a video comes with its pros and cons. On some occasions it is appropriate to do so, and on others it is not. Although scripting can provide creators with a feeling of safety and a sense of control, it can backfire more often than not. 

When Scripting is Unnecessary 

Referring to user-generated content, the beauty of this format is the level of interpersonal connection that it can provide. It should feel very conversational with the viewer. If we had tried to script our own user-generated videos, we would become more stiff or nervous on camera as we tried to remember lines or certain facts and figures. We would get more stuck in our heads because it’s actually really hard to remember lines and repeat them back with any sense of realism or authenticity. Even paid actors struggle to do this! 

You are not a paid actor; you are a professional in any number of industries. Your video content would be much better served if you were confident, relaxed, and spoke more directly to your audience. If you find yourself struggling to do this, ask either a trusted colleague or a friend or family member to interview you and get you talking so you can get out of your head and back into your body and the moment. Your content is going to be more believable and relatable this way. 

If you can do that easily, however, that does not mean that you do not prepare. It does not mean that you don’t have talking points, an outline, or a sense of where you want to go. Having key messages is essential. This is not about you not doing any due diligence, but this is about you being able to feel relaxed and confident in your own skin. You are good at what you do and you should use this as an opportunity to talk directly to your audience. 

When Scripting is Necessary 

However, a couple of examples where scripting is absolutely necessary are as follows. First, anytime you are creating any kind of commercial level of work where there’s a lot of logistics, actors, and things at play, you need to have a script. If you are having a paid spokesmodel do some kind of video for you, you need to have a script. Also, if you are making a technical video that includes a lot of data, numbers, or other information, you need to have a script. If you get one thing wrong, suddenly the whole video becomes unusable. 

Some other exceptions where you have to have a script is any time there is a voiceover or a narration in your video content. That includes animation, which always needs a script, a storyboard, and that extra level of pre-production. 

But, don’t overthink it. You know this, you got this, and most of the time you’re not going to need a script. To learn more, contact us, video production Boston agency Skillman Video Group at [email protected].