5 Tips for Running a Facebook Business Page

At SVG we are always looking to learn from others about the most effective ways to utilize social media platforms. Through research, I have gathered here 5 simple but important pointers about running a facebook business page. Take a look and let me know what you think or if I left anything out!

1. Interact: Make sure that you are interacting with the people reading your facebook page by posing questions in order to create a discussion. The more you communicate with your followers, the more you will appear to them as a real person and not just some business trying to push their product.

2. Mix it up: Don’t post only status updates or only discussion questions on your facebook wall. Be sure to include a healthy balance of video, pictures, and helpful links in addition to the discussion questions and updates.

3. Get Connected: If your company is on LinkedIn, Twitter, or runs a blog make sure that you provide links to them on your Facebook page and vice-versa. Use Twitter and LinkedIn to draw people to your Facebook posts and discussions and use Facebook to get allow others to follow you on Twitter. The more social media outlets you are involved in, the more exposure you will receive, so make sure each social media platform compliments the other. Here is an example: Hey check out the Skillman Video Group Facebook page here: http://on.fb.me/h3cjbA

4. Be Social!: It’s called “Social” media for a reason. If someone posts on your wall or likes your Facebook page, you should highly consider returning the favor. Also, you can’t just wait for others to find your page, you must go onto other pages you think are relevant or may be potential business clients and post questions or introduce yourself. The more you are able to productively put your name out there, the more people will know about your business.

5. Keep It Up: Once you decide to establish your presence in any social media realm, be sure to keep posting, adding links, and creating discussions on a daily basis. Once you begin on a social network platform and start interacting, people will begin to see your profile and learn about who you are and what you do. If your social media page doesn’t stay relevant with new and fresh updates or videos, you may lose the interests of your followers.

A lot of times we know it is difficult for small business owners to keep up with the constant demands of Social Media.  Call us today for a free consultation to see what ways our all-inclusive service “Social Video Marketing”  can give your Social Media campaign some focus and bring in a higher return on investment.