Attracting your Ideal Customers

We often hear in sales and marketing that people buy from people. Of course, that’s true, but it can also come across as overused and a bit cliche.

Raising the stakes on that, we believe people will buy from people like them. So, what does that mean in the business community or those of us in marketing? How can we help attract our tribe to do business with us? 

We, video production Boston company, Skillman Video Group, provide three recommendations on how to truly attract your ideal customers.

Our first recommendation is to take the time to focus on your core values. Your core values are who you are. If you’re working on branded marketing content, for example, your core values need to be communicated through everything you do. This exercise is huge for businesses and organizations to clearly define their culture and what makes them tick. 

Our next two recommendations are to be crystal clear on your passion and purpose, and decide on your niche. This is your reason for getting up in the morning. It is hugely important to communicate this in your marketing and branding. For example, if you are a trendy brand, you’re not going to attract people who are retro. Or, if your brand is serious, professional, and responsible, you want to attract clientele who are looking for someone who possesses those characteristics. You want to attract customers who can work within your culture and who like your culture, because then your whole process of working together is going to feel like a partnership. That’s really ideal for all of us.

Have you ever attracted a client where your core values did not mesh? Was the project hard? Did it drag on much longer than needed? Have you attracted clients where your core values matched perfectly? What was your experience with that? 

For Boston video production agency, Skillman Video Group, the more clear we are on our brand identity and what we do, we continue to attract more and more clients who are on the same wavelength. Our jobs not only become easier, but more joyful as well. 

Overall, it’s not just about people buying from people. People want to buy from people like them. If you remember this, your whole business will transform in front of your eyes.