How Visuals Affect Your Brand

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We’ve all heard it before, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. When it comes to building a brand and creating visuals to represent that brand, there is a depth to each aspect that is easily worth more than a thousand words. As a Boston Video Production company, we are acutely aware of the visuals we are utilizing and creating. In today’s digitally dominated market, we have to be. Visuals are the attention-grabbers or they are the “get out now” signals for consuBoston video production, video production company, branding, visual brandingmers and potential customers. Colors, fonts, locations, settings, models, they are all intended to say something about your brand and how you do things, while inviting a specific target audience to take some sort of action in regards to your product or service. What were trying to say is, visuals are crucial. It is detrimental to not have any visuals and yet bad visuals are a sure way to lose potential customers in today’s market. When it comes to video, the responsibilities of visuals are perhaps even weightier. Throughout the years as a video production company, we developed a thorough appreciation and understanding of the power of visuals and how to best utilize them in order to create beautiful and compelling content.

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One crucial aspect of visuals, particularly with video, is the setting. Recently, we were tasked with the job of shooting live interviews with the medical insurance company, Coverys, for their latest corporate training video. When we were beginning our planning stages, one of the liaisons suggested a green screen since the lighting and backgrounds can all be fixed for all of the interviewees. This strategy is effective and time-saving, but what we wanted to accomplish was a powerful visual to represent the authority that Coverys possesses within the medical insurance field. We insisted for this corporate training video that we utilize the views that their downtown high-rise office flaunts above Boston. What better way to say, “Yes, we made it. And yes, we know what we’re talking about” than downtown real-estate.

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We needed to alter the lighting and the interviewees according to each shot which was time consuming. Boston video production, video production company, corporate video trainingBut what we were able to communicate through those visuals was effectually more powerful than the artificiality of a green screen. For this corporate training video we put in the extra time and work in order to accomplish the needed visuals to communicate as effectively as we and Coverys were hoping for.

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Another critical component of successful visual creation is the quality of the visuals. For example, you know when you ask someone to take your picture and you’re so excited to see this really cool memory with you and your friend on screen only to see that the picture is actually terrible? It’s never a good experience, typically it goes to straight to the trash bin. What we’re saying is, don’t let your visuals be expendable. Take the time to strategize, research, and create high quality content. Whether it’s the lighting, framing, or technology used, the quality of your visuals are a telling sign of the professionalism of your team and the dedication you have in regards to the services or products that you offer. Terms like 4k and HD are common terminology amongst our teams because they are currently the best of the best.

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In the competitive realm of Boston video production, we ensure that all of our produced content is of the highest quality. When our content looks good, we look good. As a video production company with years of experience in the business, we understand that quality is assuring to your customers and must be represented in your visuals in order to communicate a positive message.

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A thousand words can say a lot. When it comes to the branding of your company the visuals you produce are the messages that people will remember. Along with this, the visuals you use are the primary means of communicating a positive and credible image within the media. As a video production company, we strive to create powerful, aesthetic, and compelling visuals that communicate our credible experience within the Boston video production scene. In the end, visuals are a responsibility that carrie a heavy influence over your brand and they require a keen eye and special attention.

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