LinkedIn Updates for Video Production

(November 9, 2016) – In the seconds that it takes you to read the first sentence of this blog, 1.2 million dollars will have been generated online. E-commerce is the #1 way of doing business; it’s essential and here to stay.

LinkedIn Tips

It’s important that the presence of your business and product(s) be known. The best way to put yourself out there is to share yourself on social media. Statistically speaking, the top five social media websites of 2016 are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. That’s right, LinkedIn.

The website, formerly used as a means of posting resumes and finding jobs, has now become one of the best tools for conducting business and letting people see all that you do. With some new changes coming to LinkedIn in 2016, it will only grow as a great vehicle for expanding your business.

Some of the bigger changes to look out for are:

How Can I add a Video on LinkedIn?

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One of the best changes to happen to LinkedIn is it’s updated media capabilities.

Much like people post information on Facebook walls and post photos on Instagram, updated LinkedIn now allows you to add presentations, lectures, work videos, documents, and other various forms of media to any area of your page that you prefer; now giving you over 300 platforms to add embedded media from.

The Boston videographers at SVG have been kept very busy with these new LinkedIn video posting opportunities; people have realized the many benefits of posting professional videos to their newly updated LinkedIn page.

The benefits of adding media to your LinkedIn site is that it enables you to share your authenticity and personality with the world in a shorter amount of time (video), as opposed to spending more time reading impersonal words on a page.

How do you Post a Blog on LinkedIn?

Another one of LinkedIn’s 2016 updates is the ability to blog!

Blogging platforms on LinkedIn are smart ways to utilize SEO hits on your profile. You are also able to add various corresponding videos/media to your blogs, creating traffic on your LinkedIn social media account that can directly link potential customers/clients to your additional websites, blogs, and videos.

More specifically, you can give personality and voice to your LinkedIn page by writing in your “What’s On Your Mind?” feature, similar to a “tweet” or “status update.” This option let’s you communicate with everyone about new projects, what you’ve recently done, opinions and thoughts, etc.

In the spirit of more communication and personality, LinkedIn has also made changes to their messaging system. A significantly smarter platform, the new messaging improvements make it easier for you to find the right people depending on what line of business you’re in/looking for.

The updated “Keep In Touch” box also creates an opportunity for people to interact with other people in their similar network(s). For example, people seeking to do business with video marketing companies can now easily find them with this new feature.

Mobile Friendly LinkedIn

LinkedIn has brought some cool new changes to the aesthetics of its page. The new desktop changes have been updated to resemble those of its sleek smartphone app counterpart. The new design makes it significantly easier to move around the website, providing a clearer and more direct way to navigate from page to page to find exactly what you’re looking for.

New search features help facilitate an easier experience with finding what you need, as well as helping people find your business. The new, enhanced “statistics” option is a great way to analyze your progress and establish monthly goals.

boston videographer

Using professional video production companies helps you create engaging, quality footage that gives voice and personality to all that you and your business do. 

With LinkedIn’s new video sharing capacities and social networking savvy, the strategy is clear: post videos to your LinkedIn social media page to generate networking