Marketing vs. Advertising

Advertising videos and marketing videos sound the same, but we’d like to make a helpful distinction.

Advertisements are a net. Marketing videos are a spear. The net is good for catching a bunch of small fish if its wide enough. The spear is better if you want to catch something big.

Advertisements speak to the widest possible audience and only have a few seconds to get the public interested. Once you’ve attracted your audience with an ad you better have a good marketing campaign to get them to act. Marketing videos have a targeted audience that is willing to watch you for a much longer time. Marketing videos let you talk about what your company does in depth. They speak directly to your customers, clients, candidates, etc. in B2B language that a general audience might not understand. A marketing video shows more examples and demonstrations. You can tie the text and pictures on your webpage to visuals in the video. You can build a social media strategy around the video.

You can just do more with a marketing video.

We created a marketing video with Bedford Montessori School to attract new students. The length of the video allowed them to describe Montessori method and its advantages in greater detail than could be done in a 30 second ad. We used many visuals to illustrate the unique educational system which would have been left on the cutting room floor of a TV spot. We spoke in depth directly to the audience: parents.

A marketing video will give your company a greater ROI than an ad and transform more potential clients into actual clients. They are great for customer retention too — You can even speak to you current customers and update them on new developments in your business like a blog. If you don’t know how to market your company with video, Skillman Video Group will develop your content and pitch with you in addition to all the technical details of video production. Marketing videos are our speciality.