Photography on Your Video Shoot

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Like many other successful professional video production companies in the area, Skillman video group is capable of much more than just video production. Our services include brand development, online marketing, website development and corporate consulting. This means that our team at SVG has the connections in the area to provide clients with trusted professionals with a lot of experience in the field. One of the services that our team does not provide but we highly recommend to clients is photography! Photo content is just as important as video marketing content, and we believe that in order to optimize.

Professional Business Headshots

If you want your business’s professional website to attract a larger, more serious audience, you need photo content. Although SVG is mainly a provider of professional video content, we believe that every successful video marketing plan requires both video and photo content. Some visitors to the website might not have the required time to watch a entire video clip, and they might just be quickly browsing the site. If this is the case and your website is only text, the viewer will get bored and leave your site! Photo content is engaging and provides a personal look at what your business does and who you are. It may not tell a story as efficiently as video, but a photo is worth one thousand words.

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The best time to do a photo shoot for your company is on a professional video shoot! Your entire team is already together and dressed for the camera and you have a wide variety of professionals including costumer directors, make up artists and set designers available to help stage the shots. Why not add a few more people to this mix and shoot some photo content for your brand? Some examples of photos that would be useful are head shots, action shots and images of products and services that your business offers. These images will give potential clients a better idea what your company offers and the personal brand of your team.

Time Management Tips

Skillman Video Group encourages clients to consider bringing a photography team on any video shoot for all of the reasons listed above. When you are shooting corporate video marketing content in a small space like an office or small studio, it is smart to also invite a photographer to accompany your Boston videographer. This will make the most of the small space your company is given for video content and if you choose to take photos on your video shoot, the photo and video content on your website will match and give your brand a more coherent and seamless look.

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