Style and Aesthetic in Social Marketing Videos

Not all social marketing campaigns or videos are created equally. Many are mediocre at best; boring, uninspired, and easily missed collections of videos and social media content that barely masks a sales pitch or ad for services rendered. It’s not that idea of selling or educating about a company that turns an audience member and potential client or customer away. What sets a fantastic marketing campaign apart from the masses is the ‘how’ of it’s presentation.

As I’ve touched on in earlier posts, having a clear narrative and a strong structure for your content goes a long way towards elevating your social marketing campaign. Now, I’m going to touch on the final piece of the puzzle: style. This is a difficult one, because developing an effective style can be a nebulous concept. I don’t mean necessarily that every company or organization needs to re-vamp their design. We don’t all have the budgets of major corporations. Instead, creating a strong style, or aesthetic, is about identifying what makes your company or institution unique, and then finding ways to showcase that uniqueness within the context of a wide swath of social marketing context.

What sets us apart from other companies? How do we perceive our own image to be? How do we reflect that internal identity on an external level? These are important questions to ask yourself when developing a cohesive social marketing aesthetic. It can seem daunting, or confusing, and that’s natural. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some video examples of our own that go into further depth about narrative, social marketing, and social marketing campaigns.  Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.