Basic Types of Marketing Videos

Skillman Video Group is able to produce a wide variety of marketing videos to be used for your business website. Determining which video is right for you comes back to knowing your audience and understanding why one type would better market your business over another.

  • A recent trend in video marketing that has been previously discussed on this blog is a viral video. Viral videos are defined as videos that gain seemingly instant and ubiquitous popularity due to unusual, funny or catchy material. Due to the fact that viral videos really began as home made clips posted on YouTube, these videos are now often produced to have the same low quality visuals. This style of video is more commonly used to market to a younger audience because the video typically promotes a less serious front.
  • A more basic trend is using a promotional video, one that just simply showcases
    Crew starts shooting at the KCCNE Showroom in downtown Providence RI

    Crew starts shooting at the KCCNE Showroom in downtown Providence RI

    your product or services. These videos are more direct and more likely to target an older audience versus viral video marketing.

  • Another trend is instructional or “how to” videos. The name really says it all—a video which works to instruct the viewer on how to use a product or how to perform a certain task. This type of video works very well not only as a nice service for new or existing clients (who may come to your site looking for simple answers to theur questions), but again helps demonstrate your credibility as an expert in your field.
  • Skillman Video Group also offers a similar style of video called product video. Unlike instructional videos, product videos do not show precisely how to use the product. Rather, product videos showcase the product and flaunt certain features.
  • Often combined with any or all of the above marketing videos is the trusty testimonial video. This video style allows previous or current customers to reach out to new customers and ensure a belief in the quality of your business. Testimonial videos are a clear example of the usage of a technique that is necessary in most marketing videos: establishing credibility. They do so by showing previous success with the business. That is why this video can work for really most product or service because the main goal of a testimonial video is to achieve what every customers looks for: proof that the business is credible and of high quality.

Every marketing video, not just testimonials, that Skillman Video Group creates works to show the credibility of your business. The real aim of doing so is to create trust in the viewer and therefore turn them from potential customers to viable prospects.  Another technique Skillman Video Group embeds in their videos is relationship building. This is done through relating with your audience. And once again it is really about establishing trust through video marketing to turn viewers into customers.

Contact Skillman Video Group to learn about how one of these types of video can best help target your market.