Branding in Social Marketing Videos

The world is filled with brands. From products to organizations, distinctive brands permeate nearly corner of our society. Even individuals undertake the process of branding – just look at athletes or rock stars and their endorsement deals. The idea of ‘brand’ is tied inimically with narrative and the story a person, organization, or product wants to tell about its function and place in society.

Creating a brand for your online videos or social marketing campaign can be a useful way of presenting content. It means having a unifying stylistic thread that spans across a variety of sources. It doesn’t necessarily imply homogeneity but it is does provide a touchstone by which to start the creation process. Take a look at most successful enterprises, and you will see the benefits of branding: an immediate and recognizable surge of information that tells a story.

Branding not only helps in an external context by clueing in potential customers or audience, but it is also useful internally in solidifying a core narrative. It provides a starting point for everyone within an organization, and a generally understood stylistic language to move forward from that point.

As we start to wrap up this series on narrative and online video, we’ll be moving into examples of how these ideas can applied within the context of a social marketing campaign. It should be an informative  (and entertaining) means of providing further detail on narrative content in social marketing videos.  Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.