Facebook Video for Brands

Facebook Video has grown steadily over the years, and seriously entered the public’s awareness when the platform implemented the autoplay feature back in 2014. Premium ads were the first to get the autoplay treatment, but feature has grown to include any kind of video that’s hosted to the social network. The million, probably billion dollar, question for businesses has been, “Can we use Facebook Video to generate revenue, and what content performs well on the service?” Well, a quick glimpse through some of the most popular video content generators could give us some clues as to how best market on the service.

Buzzfeed’s Been Killing It

The social news network Buzzfeed has consistently published work that performs extremely well on Facebook Video. As far as video marketing companies should be concerned, Buzzfeed has become the standard-bearer for social video content. We, Skillman Video Group, Boston’s premier corporate video production company is extremely interested in what we can learn from the type of content Buzzfeed produces, and how we can apply Buzzfeed’s example in the B2B space.

Video Production ServicesSo, what’s Buzzfeed been publishing that’s allowed them to rise to the top of video marketing companies? The marketing gurus over at Tubular (a service that provides analytic data for marketers) created a top 10 list back in February that gives us some insights. Mainly that Facebook Video users are hungry, literally. These users really like video content that’s related to food.

This information is really helpful if you happen to sell food to consumers. But, again, what about the B2B space? If you don’t make cupcakes for a living, then what good is this information to you? Let’s think about food videos for a second.

Instructional Video Marketing

If you’ve never watched any food videos, Buzzfeed or otherwise, then I’d highly reccomend you check out any of the videos on the New York Times cooking section, Buzzfeed’s Tasty page, or Food Wishes’s YouTube Channel. These videos are 1) just plain fun and 2) instructional. There are a ton of other qualities that make food videos unique, (i.e. the inherent appeal of looking at food, food’s unique place as an important cultural arbiter,) but let’s focus on just the fun and instruction elements of these videos.

The key elements that we’re getting at empower users to see themselves as participants in the video. Video marketers and video production companies should consider how they can present content in ways that are fun and empowering. Can you pitch your product or service in a way that can get an audience member immediately involved? If so, do it, then get it out on Facebook Video.

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